About Us

Dewatha Sakti Tours and Travel was established in 1984 and licensed in 1988 – 05/D.2/BPU/VIII/88 under name DEWATHA TOURS. Over 20 years experiencing in handling clients from Europe, America, ASEAN also Domestic, we realize that t we have to do more and more for their satisfaction. With a mission to carve itself for a niche as a specialized tailoring and executing tourism unique , giving best services and assistance for every clients coming to Indonesia, accommodate their various demands. With kind trust from our counterparts either abroad and local, we’re assigned as local handling agent for several International and esteemed events. and some other local events. A commitment to be excellent team work, our staff have handled numerous incentive travel program, they have good understanding of the specific requirements of our clients. Our scope of service include conceptualizing, designing , planning and executing innovative program and theme events to meet clients’ objectives, and attending to every detail to ensure the success of the program.

Encouraging Natural Conservation

Dewatha Sakti Tours is encouraging efforts for productive natural conservation. We have been working together with the locals, the universities, the government, and the non – government – organizations to achieve the idea. Dewatha Sakti comes as a business and marketing partner for them. Together, we could support each other in productive natural conservation, for today and the future.

Ecotourism, Embrace the mother nature

It is where the nature will take you to a new fresh environment experience. Get closer with the natives, understand their daily sustain life, and their harmony with nature. Rejuvenate and refresh your mind, body and soul.

Geotourism, Embrace the mother earth

The earth will never look the same anymore. It is matter of where the present could explain what happened in the past, and what it would be in the future. The balance of mother earth, will simply be an enlightens of living on earth.


Jl. Cendrawasih No. 36 – Demangan – Yogyakarta 55281

License No : 05/D.2/BPU/VIII/88
Phone : 62 274 566429/589681/518475
Fax : 62 274 566862/562765
E-mail : dstjogja@indo.net.id