:: A Warm Greetings from JOGJA ::

I Andong Jogjawas born in Yogyakarta.  Yogyakarta usually pronounced and not uncommonly writen Jogjakarta or just Jogja (JOGH-jah), is a major tourist destination in Indonesia. Jogja is the capital city of the Province of
Yogyakarta Special Region which is in the southern part of the Central Java Province, Indonesia.

When I was young, I had unusual habit and curiousity I’ve never forgoten. I destroyed some radios with porpose to explore more about the components and how it worked, but I never made it back to normal. That’s the reason my elder brother gave me a nickname as “Terima bongkar tidak terima pasang” means “Accepted the damage but not accepted the repair”.
Few years letter, when my brother planned to build a radio broadcast and asked an expert to build it, it was my golden change to learn more about radio.
After graduated from Senior Hight School, I went to Bandung for study, I leave all of my radio’s hobbies at home. When I came back from Bandung, I joined Citizen Band Organizasion (RAPI) and my past callsign was JZ12ACK, with that callsign I started DX on 11 meter, my first rig was Lafayette.

In 1987, I joined Organisasi Amatir Radio Indonesia (ORARI), my first callsign as an amateur radio was YH2VIB.

Previous Callsign: YH2VIB (1987-1989), YD2VIB (1989-1990, YC2VIB (1990-2004), yb2vib (2004-2009) and YB2WB (2009)